Our 2017 summer campaign

27 June 2017

This summer, our new poster campaign will be visible on the walls of 100 Paris metro stations.

It will be an opportunity to spread our message : another type of biomedical research is possible when given the proper means.

Let’s support biomedical research, not animal experimentation.

We support research that do not require animal experimentation on important issues like cancer, parkinson, or toxicity studies, among others.

Not only non animal research programs can spare many animals, but can also benefit public health by limiting undetected dangerous side effects of drugs while proposing a more relevant approach in biomedical research.

  • During the last 4 years we have donated 40 000 € to research program involved in non animal research. (Learn more about EthicScience here)
  • For the past 8 years, we have been managing the validation of an alternative method to animal testing, the results of which were found more predictable than the usual tests carried on rodents for acute toxicity. (Learn more about Valitox here)
  • Since 2012, we are committed in asking the closure of a primate facility in France, which received an authorization to enlarge the facility which is, according to us, contrary to what mentioned in the european Directive 2010/63/UE regarding the Reduction of animals used in scientific research.

This is our 4th poster campaign in the last 5 years.

We deeply thank the SNDA for its financial support and loyal support.