Institutional membership

Institutional membership

The Scientific Committee Pro Anima works to open up dialogue, promote and support those involved in research, pharmaceutical industry professionals, biotechnologies and all start-ups developing and promoting alternative tools or methods to animals for research, education or toxicology.

You are an industry, a start-up or a laboratory

Support Pro Anima with a CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP

Among the benefits of Corporate membership :

  • Show your support for the promotion and development of non-animal methods (NAMs) throughout your organization ;
  • Access to the network of Pro Anima Scientific Committee and its partners ;
  • Add visibility to your structure and services ;
  • Access tools and resources developed specifically by the Committee ;
  • Make your voice heard by legislators and decision-makers, notably through our awareness-raising and lobbying actions on a French and European scale.

Corporate membership

Corporate membership based on your resources.

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