Awarded Programs

Awarded Programs


For its 10 years, the ETHICSCIENCE Prize becomes the DESCROIX-VERNIER ETHICSCIENCE Prize and now rewards 3 projects in 3 distinct categories.



(New concepts and technology transfer)

3D Glimpse — Tumor-on-chip to fight glioblastoma

Dr Agathe FIGAROL – FEMTO ST – University of Franche-Comté

Objectives :

Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive brain tumour, with a survival after diagnosis of approximately 12 months. This project proposes an innovative alternative to animal experimentation with a model closer to humans : a tumor-on-microchip in the laboratory in order to better understand and treat brain cancer.


(Practical / Applied research)

Use of the patient’s tumor. Innovative development and application of an alternative method to animals in cancer research

Dr Julien MARIE and Sophie LEON – Cancer Research Center of Lyon

Objectives :

Validated and published on three types of cancer (breast, lung, melanoma), this ex-vivo technology, which involves to maintaining the patient’s tumor alive, aims to be adapted to other cancers, in particular those of poor prognosis (pancreas), and paediatric forms to accelerate the availability of new therapeutic actors.

Category : JURY PRIZE

(Encourages from the selection committee)

Nicolas AZNAR – Cancer Research Center of Lyon

For his project : NEXPOCAN — Next generation patient derived organoid for enhanced physiology and cancer modeling

Objectives :

NEXPOCAN project aims to serve as a proof of concept on the feasibility of generating patient-derived organoid cultures in standardized and more reliable ways to improve (1) the success rate in the development of anti-tumor drugs thus opening the way to the establishment of preclinical trials without animals, but also (2) the development of more effective personalized medicine to treat patients

2021 — 2022

Open call closed — information on the awarded programs to come

2019 — 2020

Axe 1 : Development of the cell toxicology program VALITOX - AOP (Anti Oxidant Power).


Propose an alternative method without animal testing in the regulatory field of acute oral toxicity in humans.

Axe 2 : Bio-printing of human tissue — Poietis in partnership with AOP.


Partnership for the application the LUCS / VALITOX technology on bio-printing human tissue.

2017 — 2018

Development of a “mini-brain” based on stem cells — Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine / University of Luxembourg.


To deepen research on Parkinson’s disease through the use of 2 models : a three-dimensional neural network in culture and a complex human brain organoid.

2015 — 2016

Axe 1 : New synthetic skin pattern — Laboratoire Atoxigen.


Test chemical compounds (such as those used in the composition of household products) currently still tested on animals.

Axe 2 : Support for the 2014 – 2015 award with the purchase of a 3D printer for mini-lung modeling — Oncothéis and Epithelix.


Perform measurements of the effects of electronic cigarettes.

2013 — 2014

Three-dimensional modeling of cancerous tumors using human tissue — Oncothéis and Epithelix.


OncoCilAirTM Complex Human Lung in-vitro model reproduces respiratory tissue for a better bnderstanding of normal cell / cancer cell interactions for drug development.

In 2014, Epithelix distributed 25,000 tissues instead of 25,000 rats.