Support us

Support us

Together we are stronger !

Thanks to your essential support, we can continue to :

  • Call on public authorities on public health issues caused by animal testing and on the need to develop non animal methods ;
  • Ensure an information watch over the scientific sector ;
  • Organize information campaigns to denounce the unreliability of animal tests and the conditions of laboratory animals ;
  • Fund research programs that do not use animal testing

Each donation is subject to tax advantages : a tax reduction of 66% of the total amount of contributions (within the limit of 20% of your income).

A tax receipt is sent in return.

Example : for a donation of 100 eur => after tax reduction of 66% => cost of the donation = 34 eur

The needs are immense, your support is precious !

You are helping us to change mentalities and scientific research methods !

You give us the means to take concrete action by giving us financial power.

You can also act in the long term ; and this, beyond yourself. Pro Anima is also authorized to receive bequests and donations.

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Oui, je souhaite adhérer à ProAnima et contribuer ainsi aux actions de l’association. L’adhésion coute 25€.

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Je fais un don à ProAnima

Réduction d’impôts de 66% du montant total des cotisations dons (jusqu’à 20% de vos revenus). Reçu fiscal en retour.

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