Join Pro Anima and Support non-animal research

Join Pro Anima and Support non-animal research

Together we are stronger! Pro Anima needs your voice!

Together we are stronger ! Pro Anima needs your voice !

We do not receive any government funding, we thus rely on the kind generosity of individuals and companies to carry out our activities.

With your support, you help us to change mentalities and give us the means to act concretely, in particular :

  • Challenge public authorities on the interest of developing alternative methods to animal experimentation ;
  • Provide information monitoring in the scientific sector ;
  • Organize information and awareness campaigns relating to public health issues and the unreliability of animal testing ;
  • Finance non-animal research programs through the EthicScience Fund.

Become a member

I would like to join Pro Anima and contribute to the actions of the association. Membership costs €25

Support non-animal research

I want to donate to help financing non-animal scientific program and

For French residents, each donation and membership is subject to tax benefits. You benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of the total amount of your contribution (within the limit of 20% of your income). A tax receipt is sent to you.

You can also act in the long term ; and this, beyond yourself.

The Pro Anima Committee is also empowered to receive legacies and donations.

The Association Loi 1908 de droit local Alsace Moselle by its decree of December 9, 1985 allowed Associations Loi 1908 to obtain full legal capacity for registered associations, the equivalent to those recognized as being of public utility under French law general.

As an association under the 1908 law, the Pro Anima Scientific Committee is thus authorized to receive donations and legacies. This status guarantees exemption from inheritance or transfer duties.

Several means are at your disposal to include the Pro Anima Scientific Committee in your will for a more reliable research and science not only for human health, but also for the environment and without cruelty to animals :

Life insurance is the contract taken out with a bank or an insurance company and for which you can designate the Pro Anima Scientific Committee as the beneficiary of all or part of the capital saved, with tax advantages.

A donation is made by notarial deed and allows you to transfer the rights or ownership of movable or immovable property, during your lifetime and irrevocably. It may be subject to a tax benefit.

The bequest is a testamentary disposition that allows you to transmit to the Pro Anima Committee after your death, all or part of your movable and immovable property.

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, contact us on +33/(0)1 45 63 10 89 or by our Contact Form.