Science & Dialogue : Panel Discussion Series

Science & Dialogue : Panel Discussion Series

Exploring the challenges of Non-Animal Methods


In order to contribute to greater acceptance of NAMs (reliability, robustness and method validation), the Pro Anima Scientific Committee, supported by PARC and the FC3R, is organizing and leading a series of discussions with key players (researchers, industry, regulators).

In light of the challenges notably identified by PARC as part of its roadmap for NGRA (Next Generation Risk Assessment), the discussions revolve around the following themes : toxicology, NAMs and regulation.

Panel discussions are online, free of charge, and registration is required.


  • Contribute to a greater acceptance of New Approach Methodologies and Non-Animal Methods (NAMs) for toxicology testing and regulation
  • Foster cross-disciplinary dialogue between research, industry and regulatory operators
  • Identify current and future scientific and regulatory obstacles and solutions
  • Create content to raise awareness and educate the general public about these advances

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Previous Panel Discussions

Session 2 : Harmonization of NAMs — Can it really be global ? (in English)

Thursday June 27, 1 – 2:15pm (CET)

For our first session on defining criteria for the regulatory acceptance of NAMs, we had the honor and pleasure to welcome Dr Carl Westmoreland (Unilever), Pr Ellen Fritsche (DNTOX & SCAHT) and Dr Clive Roper for what has been a fascinating and fruitful discussion.

For this session 2, we wanted to explore and discuss current challenges, opportunities, and ongoing actions in favor of harmonizing NAMs, to ensure it can and will be regulated / accepted worldwide, and under the same criteria. We had the privilege to welcome Dr Nicole Kleinstreuer, NICEATM Director at National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Dr Nina Hobi, CEO at AlveoliX and Dr Surat Parvatam, Senior Strategist at HSI India.

We also were delighted to moderate the session with Prof Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga, from the University of Utrecht.

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Session 1 : Regulatory acceptance of NAMs — How to define criteria ?

Thursday April 25, 1 – 2pm CET

It is getting clearer now that if we want to accelerate the adoption of NAMs (non-animal new approach methodologies), there is a need for more global harmonization of the criteria used for qualification of the techniques and validation of those criteria. To ensure confidence in new models, regulatory agencies need these to be qualified, confirming they are robust, that they faithfully mimic human level functionalities and that it is appropriate for specific contexts of use (COU). This panel discussion tackled this challenging objective of defining acceptance criteria.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure to welcome :

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