EthicScience : The Action Fund

EthicScience : The Action Fund

Faced with the lack of funding and public commitments in favor of alternative methods to animal experimentation, Pro Anima created in 2013 the EthicScience Action Fund and Prize to help develop research programs for human health and without animal testing.

Those programs and methods are named alternative methods to animal experiments or non-animal methods. They represent research methods that do not include any use of living or killed animals for this purpose.

Our knowledge of life sciences evolve.

Considerable advances have also been made technologically in recent years to replace and end animal testing.

New research, new methods do exist ; they are not only possible but also necessary.

The EthicScience Action Fund thus aims to provide support to scientific programs that not only offer more responsible, ethical and reliable research methods, but also work towards the production of real advances in terms of research, knowledge and understanding of pathologies and health issues.

The EthicScience Prize rewards, every 2 years, leading research programs outside animal experiments ; thus promoting some of the most innovative perspectives and technical means both from the point of view of the scientific interest and of the ethical values.

So far it could have been the study of cancerous tumors, the evaluation of the effects of chemicals in our daily lives, or the impact of electronic cigarettes on health.

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Non-animal research does not proceed from a single test or a single method, but indeed from a set of tools that can advantageously replace experiments on animals.

Among these alternative methods : 3D or 4D bioprinting, stem cells, organs on a chip, but also brain imaging, artificial intelligence, or high-throughput screening …

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Thanks to your support, we can participate in building the science of tomorrow, which is more respectful of the living beings, and more specifically here for those trapped and exploited in laboratories.

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