Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

The Committee brings together actors from the world of science and research. They give weight to our message and some regularly support us in our actions.

  • Dr Ginette Bléger, Gastroenterologist
  • Pr André Fougerousse, Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry in Strasbourg
  • Dr Christophe Furger, Doctor in molecular biology and toxicology Dr Martine Gardénal, Doctor of medicine
  • Pr Bernard Herzog, Bio-physicist
  • Pierre Jouventin, research director at CNRS, doctor in ethology & ecology
  • Dr Robert Kempenich, doctor, graduate in oncology
  • Dr Pascal Kintz, Specialist in toxicology, Director of the Châtenay-Malabry laboratory
  • Dr Jean-Jacques Kona Boun, veterinarian
  • Dr Livia Kuhn-Poteur, Doctor in Biochemistry
  • Dr Sandrine Loublier, Doctor in cell biology, and associate professor of biochemistry and biological engineering
  • André Ménache, veterinarian
  • Prof. Jean François Narbonne, doctor in nutrition and toxicology, professor in toxicology at the University of Bordeaux
  • Alison Piquet, Expert in herpetology and lecturer at the Museum of Natural History in Paris Dr Salomé Pollet, veterinarian
  • Pr Monique Skoulios, Engineer in biology and Professor of chemistry technology
  • Dr Hervé Staub, medicine, ex-lecturer in phyto-aromatherapy in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Dr Christiane Stricker, Doctor in biochemistry, specialized in molecular biology
  • Dr Marc Veilly, veterinarian, Secretary General of the National Order of Veterinarians

Scientific translators : Elizabeth Heitzmann et Andrew Rabeneck

Many personalities show us their unwavering support

Anne de Jouffroy d’Abbans, Nelson Monfort, Charles-Alain Raith, Dany Saval, Florence Monod-Zuber, Brigitte Bardot…

Docteur Catherine Randriantseheno, chirurgien-dentiste et présidente de Pro Anima.

Docteure Catherine Randriantseheno, chirurgien-dentiste et ancienne présidente de Pro Anima.

They unfortunately left us

François d’Harcourt, Christian Zuber, Pr Jean-François Béquain, Sylvie Simon, Pr Pierre Cornillot, Dr Catherine Randriantseheno.