Sciences, Enjeux, Santé

Sciences, Enjeux, Santé

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On a quarterly basis, Sciences Enjeux Santé brings you scientific knowledge, studies and reflections for the development of a more responsible, ethical and reliable science for human health.

The magazine is also an opportunity to stay informed about our latest news, those of our partners and advances in Europe and around the world.

This is a compendium of the most significant advances and information on non animal methods, whether at the technological, scientific and regulatory level.

For the moment our magazine is only published in French.


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Current Issue

  • INTERVIEW — Pr Donald E. Ingber
  • BRÈVES — En Europe et dans le monde
  • ACTU PRO ANIMA — Entre dialogues et propositions
  • Le droit de savoir
  • Achats solidaires et bulletin
  • Les chiffres de l’expérimentation en France en 2022

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