Non-Animal Methods (NAMs) Network

Non-Animal Methods (NAMs) Network

For Who ?

This network aims to bring together all individuals interested in the field of alternative methods to animals for scientific purposes (in vitro, in silico, etc.): researchers, engineers, industrialists, regulators and institutions. The idea is to create a broad network to foster dialogue between key players, share important information, generate new collaborations and gather solid scientific data to validate and promote alternative methods to animal experimentation.

Why ?

  • Creating links between experts from different backgrounds : private, public, institutional, regulatory.
  • Sharing information
  • Organizing events
  • Foster new collaborations
  • Raise funds
  • Producing scientific evidence
  • Develop a strategy for the implementation of non-animal methods at French and European level.
  • Promote and educate scientists in non-animal methods

Tools / platforms

  • Linkedin group : for daily / regular interactions and information sharing.
  • NAMs platform : a continually updated interface to list start-ups, biotechs, institutes and resources offering alternatives to animals for research, drug development, toxicology and education. The interface also offers a calendar of events related to non-animal methods and technological innovation for health.
  • A collaborative and interactive map : this map makes it easy to view and find experts on French territory. It’s a collaborative tool, with each member able to add their name or that of their laboratory/company, which will then be visible on the map after validation by the network coordinator.

Moderated by

Dr Lilas Courtot

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