The NAT Database : a new data resource for non-animal research methods

The NAT Database : a new data resource for non-animal research methods

22 September 2020

Our colleagues in the German association of “Doctors against animal experimentation” have established a new permanent database of experimentation without animals.

This is what they are telling us :

“This unique project, the first of its kind, has been established with 250 entries describing continuously completed procedures developed around the world.

They are accessible in German and English, so that all readers can be informed of this innovative research. A summary of each approach is given, including sources and contacts.

The collection covers multiple disciplines, such as oncology, toxicology and medical research, as well as a variety of techniques such as organs-on-chip, 3‑D printing and computer simulation.

Why are we doing this ?

In recent years a huge number of experimental techniques that do not rely on animals has been developed across medicine and the life sciences, and it’s practically impossible to achieve an overview.

The German federal government has never established a real-time portal of information on this subject. That’s why we have taken the initiative to establish this independent database.

If this tickles your curiosity take a look and share our link

It’s worth noting that the Pro Anima scientific committee, through its EthicScience programme has already provided financial support for several of the techniques appearing in the database, including some for lung cancer, e‑cigarette toxicity, synthetic skin technology, Parkinsons disease, 3‑D printing and cellular toxicology using Lucs/Valitox. To learn more visit