Make a difference

Make a difference

PRO ANIMA is a scientific committee created to inform NGOs, citizens and / or groups about advances in biology, scientific research and the development of non animal methods.

In this regard, the apolitical Committee can be consulted by health institutions and / or animal protection organisations to provide its expertise on the issues related to the use of animal models, whether for developing drugs or testing in the field of toxicology for humans.

We offer you several ways to get involved in Pro Anima and promote non animal methods, resulting from scientific progress, more respectful of life and more reliable for human health.

Find below the possibilities in which you could identify yourself and in which you wish to invest.

Becoming a volunteer means to :

Relay and have our petitions signed ;

Distribute our leaflets to students, the general public, and/or table them (subject to agreement) at stores, doctors and vet offices, and / or during any relevant event (subject to agreement) with regard to Pro Anima’s missions.

Becoming a delegate

The role of the delegate, who is a member of the association, requires greater availability.

The role is multiple, here are some ideas / examples of the delegate’s missions :

Create and organize a local team,

Animate it by organizing meetings (monthly for example) in order to propose events, debates, presence in the public space according to the challenges of the local territory, depending on the news, this to disseminate and promote Pro Anima’s message ;

Federate new memberships, magazine subscriptions, or even sell Pro Anima “solidarity products” (tote-bags, stickers, badges, etc.) during specific events ;

Maintain stands in fairs and exhibitions, identified markets ;

Contact your local MP to introduce them to our committee ;

Inform local media.

Bear witness / Testify

Testimonials are welcome : students, scientists or industry stakeholders, do not hesitate to contact us !

Pledges of seriousness and proofs are systematically requested in order to avoid any unfounded denunciations or other instrumentalization without our knowledge.

You want to invest your time and energy

Or you have questions

Contact us, we will be happy to provide you with more information !