Press release

24 May 2011

A new alternative to animal testing aiming at the improvement of public healh security, to be submitted to European Parliament

On Wednesday 8th June 2011, toxicologist and european expert Professor Jean- François Narbonne together with PRO ANIMA will introduce VALITOX to the European Parliament association in Strasbourg France.

Developed by Novaleads laboratories at PRO ANIMA’s request, VALITOX is an innovative technique originating in French toxicological research. VALITOX is supported by all the most important animal welfare organisations, completely displacing animal testing.

The VALITOX procédure detects both acute and chronic toxicity of chemical subtances using a new DNA shift measurement method. This innovation was reported in the scientific journal ALTEX (26/01/2009).

Professor Narbonne’s results using VALITOX show a reliability of 82%, against only 65% when testing rodents.

VALITOX should be applicable within the scope of cosmetic directives and REACH**, which expects to test about 145,000 chemical substances present in commonly found consumer products.

VALITOX thus allows more reliable evaluation of substances we presently use while ensuring a scientific basis for experimention without animal testing, which represents a great advance in public health.

VALITOX addresses several problems in toxicology, particularly those relating to repeated dosing, (carcinogenesis) and environmental impact measurement of industrial pollution.

VALITOX will be hugely valuable for a large range of applications as soon as it is validated, a validation that should be urgently supported.

That’s why VALITOX has just been submitted to the European Center for Validation (ECVAM). It’s a scientific innovation that benefits everyone !

Contact : Dr Furger on +33 (0)1 45 63 10 89