Becoming a patron

Becoming a patron

Supporting Pro Anima & EthicScience

An opportunity to support research that does not include animal testing and that is more reliable for humans, and this, towards scientific innovation and ethical progress ;

A constant approach to preserving human health and animal life ;

Honoring men and women of heart and intelligence, and innovative and dynamic companies.

Pro Anima — Scientific Committee is a association, under 1908 law, whose “main activities are human health security and to advance biomedicine”, as defined in article 2 of its statutes.

Our NGO works to promote and develop alternative methods to animal experiments.

It is authorized to benefit from corporate sponsorship and to issue a tax receipt.

The financial support opens the right to a reduction in corporate tax of 60% of the amount of the donation, up to a limit of 0.5 ‰ of turnover. Sponsoring companies and structures can also choose to support through loan or purchase of equipment, supplies, or in skills.