Fondation Lemarchand

La Fondation Lemarchand pour l’Équilibre entre les Hommes et la Terre soutient des projets associatifs favorisant le respect, la préservation et l’utilisation durable de la nature. Les modes de vie et comportements, la solidarité sociale intergénérationnelle, la sensibilisation, l’éducation et les activités de plein air sont au cœur de sa mission.

Fondation Brigitte Bardot

For more than 50 years, Brigitte Bardot has put her international reputation and her inexhaustible energy at the service of animals. With the creation of her Foundation in 1986, recognized to be public utility in 1992, Brigitte Bardot has surrounded herself with a solid team and has equipped herself with the tools to lead the fight for the animal cause, in France and around the world. Today, BB’s Ark is home to more than 6500 animals.

Fondation Descroix-Vernier

La Fondation Descroix-Vernier est une fondation privée, réglementée, Belge.

Elle a pour mission d’aider les plus pauvres : apport d’eau potable en Afrique subsaharienne, programmes d’aide aux sans logis en France, distribution de denrées alimentaires, de soins, etc. Une partie des budgets de la Fondation Descroix-Vernier est aussi affectée aux animaux, toujours dans la même logique : les plus faibles, les plus nécessiteux.

Elle est une Fondation d’un type particulier : elle ne fait aucun appel aux dons. Elle est chargée de partager la fortune de son fondateur, qui a fait le choix de redistribuer tout ce qu’il possède.

Association 30 Millions d’Amis

30 Millions d’Amis Foundation (a registered charity) fights on many fronts to defend and protect animals, as well as to educate younger generations to respect all forms of life.

Unique in France by the scope of its action and capacity to enhance public awareness in favour of animal welfare, the Foundation is a key player in the world of animal protection. Its struggles include actions against animal testing, the fur industry, bull fighting or wild animals in circuses, cruel battery farming etc…

As a preferred expert partner for public authorities, the 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation also helps to change legislation in favour of animals.
Its action is not restricted to France, but extends all over the world with added support and strength provided by a massive and highly-mobilised community, which is very active on social media.


In accordance with art. 2 of its statutes, the LSCV aims at the total abolition of “the practice of medical, scientific or commercial experiments on living animals (vivisection)”.

It promotes and financially encourages “the creation of new methods of scientific research” allowing the abolition of animal experimentation. In particular, it encourages and supports so-called “substitute (or alternative) methods”, which use human tissues or cells (in vitro models) from, for example, biopsies taken in hospitals, or bioinformatics data (in silico models).


L214 is a French nonprofit animal defense organization that focuses its action on animals used for food consumption because they account for 99% of the animals exploited by humans. L214 considers that animals, as sentient beings, have the right not to be killed regardless of the suffering or well-being of their lifetime.


SNDA was founded in 1972 and recognized of Public Utility in 1994.

The organization works to change the animal condition in the political and legal fields through contributions to various think tanks. It brings its expertise in legal and policy areas concerning the animal condition : companion, breeding, experimental, entertainment and wild animals.

For more than 45 years, SNDA has supported animal protection organizations in their campaigns in France and abroad. It is a partner of numerous projects carried out by associations selected for their skills in the field of animal protection and the preservation of biodiversity.


The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) is the leading association in France for animal protection. Created in 1845, it has been recognized as being of public utility since 1860. The SPA acts daily to ensure the protection and defense of animals throughout France.

Its missions consist of : Fighting against mistreatment and abandonment ; Collecting and housing abandoned, lost or mistreated animals and finding them a home ; Taking care of the animals of poor owners ; Raising awareness of the general public and in particular young people to animal protection ; Empowering animal owners ; Engaging with the public authorities to improve the animal cause.


The shelter was created more than 30 years ago by an animal-loving couple on a farm in Normandy : the primary mission was “Assistance to Old Animals”. In 2003, the veterinary services of the department called upon Dr. Thierry Bedossa, then a volunteer veterinarian of the shelter, who created the Association : Assistance to Old Animals.

(In 2019, Aide aux Vieux Animaux becomes : Agir pour la Vie Animale.)


The Belgian Union for the Abolition of Experimentation on Living Animals, the Protection of Nature and the Environment aims to : promote any action aiming, both in Belgium and abroad, to have the animal recognized as a subject of law, to obtain in any field and discipline whatsoever, the abolition of experimentation on living animals (…) to promote any non-violent research method (…) the association may undertake any action having a direct or indirect link with its social goal. It may collaborate with other associations, Belgian or foreign, which have the same social goal or which are dedicated to the protection of animals, nature or the environment. (Moniteur Belge of 5 November 1981.)

The Association has supported and financially supports scientists in Belgium and in Europe in their work on alternative methods. It was a civil party in a high-profile lawsuit against the Erasmus Hospital (1999 – 2000).

Antidote Europe

Antidote Europe is a non-profit association created in 2004 by former CNRS researchers working for better prevention in the field of human health.


Transcience is an association declared under the law of 1901, created in February 2020, bringing together multidisciplinary skills to contribute to its purpose. The association has a dual purpose : To support by all legal means the transition to scientific research without the use of animals — in particular by promoting new innovative methodological approaches. To contribute to an increased protection of animals still used for scientific or educational purposes, as well as to ensure a rigorous application of European and national legislation and regulations in this field.
Transcience is an association composed of a group of experts and is not an association for the general public.

PETA France

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) France is a non-profit association dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals.

Just like humans, animals are capable of feeling suffering and have an interest in having their own lives. They are therefore not meant to be used, whether for food, clothing, experimentation, recreation, or any other reason. PETA and its affiliates around the world educate policy makers and the public about animal cruelty and promote the right of all animals to be treated with respect.

Fight for Monkeys

Fight for Monkeys is a collective founded on August 1, 2015, after learning about the existence of the primatology center in Niederhausbergen (a town located in the north-west of Strasbourg, France).
Fight for Monkeys is “animalist” and carries out pacifist and non-violent actions ; the collective is not dependent on any political party or any religious group.


Code Animal

Code Animal specialize in the relationship between human and animals, more particularly through captivity, whether in circuses, zoos, delphinariums or in private individuals as far as new “pets” (NAC) are concerned. The association defends the idea of respect for all living beings, human or non-human.

OGM dangers

We cannot oppose GMOs if we do not also oppose the world that gave birth to them, but also and perhaps especially the best of worlds to which they lead us.

The association OGM dangers has the vocation to fight against GMOs. It wants to underline the multiform aspects of GMOs which are rarely considered as economic, political, philosophical, food, environmental, agricultural and legal aspects. Our approach is resolutely radical in the etymological sense (radix,icis= root), which is absolutely not extremist ! Our goal is to go to the roots of problems rather than accept often bad solutions to problems that need to be solved beforehand.