Press Release for EthicScience Prize

20 March 2019

Cellular biology stimulated by the EthicScience Prize for 2019

50,000€ for the 2019 EthicScience prize

This is the amount we are dedicating to research that eliminates animal testing.

The prize will be shared among participating researchers.

Thanks to a generous benefactor and friend of Pro Anima, this year’s EthicScience prize will be used to support toxicology research that complements Lucs/Valitox technology.

Two programmes are involved : one focusses on the 3D printing of human tissue, while the other uses stem cells to access several regulatory areas (acute toxicity via inhalation, via the .skin or by ingestion).

Since its establishment in 2013 EthicScience has sought to encourage research on the latest scientific discoveries without resorting to animal testing. In this way EthicScience has supported research into lung cancer using molecular biology, a programme about the toxicity of electronic cigarettes, and a synthetic approach to generating skin tissue. In 2018 Professor Jens Schwamborn’s team were awarded the prize for their work on Parkinson’s disease.

Thanks to this significant progress Pro Anima is continuing its efforts to support viable research that is both modern and ethical.