EthicScience Prize 2022

EthicScience Prize 2022

Support for the Lemarchand Foundation

15 December 2021

In early December, the Pro Anima Scientific Committee heard the good news that the Lemarchand Foundation will be supporting the EthicScience Prize for 2022.

The Lemarchand Foundation, for the balance between human and environment, is dedicated to supporting associations that demonstrate and act for a more harmonious relationship between humans and the planet.

Thus, the aims of the Foundation are to :

  • Develop lifestyles and ecological behaviours that respect Earth and all living beings ;
  • Promote and support human relations with the preservation of nature ;
  • Support projects promoting awareness and education about living things.

Embedding strong human and social values, the Lemarchand Foundation provides a vital key for many associations to participate in building the world of tomorrow, a world more harmonious and ethical towards the earthly ecosystem and the beings that inhabit it.

A huge thank you to the Foundation for its invaluable work !