15 300€ collected for biomedical research

15 300€ collected for biomedical research

6 February 2018

Pro Anima, via its support fund for research EthicScience, is extremely happy to donate 15 300€ to Professor Jens Schwamborn and his team.

This well deserved financial boost will help them to develop  a scientific tool based on human stem cells in order to have a modelisation of the Parkinson disease.

Great success for our Parkinson Project

Thanks to that cutting edge technology, it will be possible to have a better understanding of the disease while offering an alternative to animal experimentation. This project holds great promises for patients and their relatives.

The official remittance will take place this spring.

We would like to thank our dear donators and 2 NGOs : the SNDA and the UBAEAV for their participation in this project.