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The committee

The committee, presently chaired by Doctor Catherine Randriantseheno (Professor of dental surgery) gather people from the world of science, culture and medias.

  • Dr Luc Bodin Doctor in Medecine, researcher, author and lecturer
  • Pr Pierre Cornillot Founding dean and president of faculty, Professor in Medecine in medical biochemistry.
  • Pr Guy Dirheimer honorary dean of the faculty of Pharmacy, member of the academy of médecine
  • Pr Jean Paul Escande dermatovenerologist
  • Dr Christophe Furger Molecular biologist and toxicologist
  • Dr Martine Gardénal Doctor in medecine
  • Pr Bernard Herzog Biophysist
  • Pierre Jouventin Director of research for CNRS, Doctor ès science in ethology & ecology
  • Caroline Jung Doctor in Pharmacy
  • Robert Kempenich Président of European council of the doctors for the therapeutic plurality
  • Pascal Kintz Président of European association of judicial toxicology
  • Dr Sandrine Loublier (Vice president) Toxicologist
  • Pr Jean François Narbonne Doctor in cellular molecular biology and toxicology
  • Alison Piquet (Spokesperson) Expert in Herpetology and lecturer at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris
  • Bertrand Rihn Professor in molecular biology and biochemistry. Toxicologist
  • Monique Skoulios Ingenner in biology and Professor in chimistry technology
  • Hervé Staub Doctor in medecine, teacher in phyto aromatherapy in faculty of Medecine and Pharmacy
  • Christiane Stricker Doctor in biochimistry, specialised in molecular biology
  • Dr Jean Pierre Willem surgeon anthropologist

Many personalities have been supporting us throughout the years : Jean Marc Governatori, Anne de Jouffroy d'Abbans, François d'Harcourt, Nelson Monfort, Charles-Alain Raith, Dany Saval, Brigitte Bardot, Chrisitan Zuber (RIP) ...

Professeur Béquain

Professeur Béquain