Our actions

Our actions

Pro Anima since 1990…

Our committee was the first in France to develop and promote clear, irrefutable evidences regarding the insurmountable differences between species.

Those differences make animal experimentation not valid and not reliable.

These points are now aknowledge by a always-growing number of scientists in Europe.

Throughtout the years we created videos, organized meetings, comunications with ministries and cabinets,

Edited a list of ethically tested cosmetics,

Creation of the VALITOX program (see our dedicate page on the website). Pro Anima is the only NGO in France who fully support the process from fundrising till the validation process and the acceptance of the scientific file.

Interventions to helps stop the breedings of animals for laboratories…

For the last 5 years (2009 – 2014) we’ve had the opportunity to organize poster campaigns in the Parisian subway and in other important french towns. We also have many stands and information corners in several salon and exhibition.

In 2013 we launched a new project called EthicScience. Our different actions helped us raising more than 15 000 Euros for the first year and the money was entirely given to the two research programs supported by the EthicScience projetc, including one in cancer research without animal experimentation. Please visit our specific web site www.proanima.fr/en/ethicscience/