Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier

Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier

Patron of the Descroix-Vernier Ethicscience Prize

April 2023

In 2023, the Descroix-Vernier Foundation and Pro Anima scientific Committee are joining forces for a common cause : the development of non-animal research by supporting innovative research programs based on the latest scientific knowledge and technologies. Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier is voluntarily very rare in the media. We are delighted to have him for this interview.

Image credit : Dominik Fusina

Pro Anima Committee : The Descroix-Vernier Foundation, whose signature is “Because every life counts”, had to meet Pro Anima, whose Latin root means life, breath, soul. Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier, you have indeed been supporting the Pro Anima Scientific Committee for several years. You are a multi-talented man, philanthropist, businessman and humanist. With your Foundation, you offer shelter to the homeless, bring drinking water to villages in Africa, and participate in the defense and protection of nature and animals. Nevertheless, would you be willing to introduce yourself for our readers ?

J‑B. Descroix-Vernier : I cannot introduce myself and you have already said a lot in these few flattering lines ! However, I can tell you this : one day, a man in good health, having done well in life and very religious, finds himself in a miserable village. Illness, war, extreme poverty are present everywhere in this village. Humans and animals are in agony. Women, children : all are dying. The man is upset, he kneels down and prays very hard, saying to God “Look at this village of misery ! And You, you do nothing for them ? »

Then God answers him “Yes, I made you, YOU. »

Well this guy is me and you are too. If you are reading these lines, you are the Resistance.


Pro Anima Committee : It is a real honor for Pro Anima to associate the Descroix-Vernier name with the EthicScience Prize, of which 2023 marked the 10th anniversary. You who are committed to many humanitarian, ecological and animal causes, what were your motivations for supporting non-animal research through Pro Anima and even more so through the Prize ?

Pro Anima is in direct line with Theodore Monod’s philosophy : life must be respected in all its forms. Our modern world offers us more efficient technologies than animal research. Continuing to test on animals when we can directly test on human tissue such as the possibilities offered by 3D bio-printing is scientific nonsense as well as moral shame. What Christiane Laupie does with Pro Anima is essential.


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Descroix-Vernier Foundation

The mission of the Descroix-Vernier Foundation is multiple: to save lives, as many

possible lives. To this end, the Foundation helps the weakest and the most threatened as a priority.


The DV Foundation extends its mission to three fields of action: people,

animals and nature. All projects supported or funded by the Foundation, for almost 20 years, are selected according to a certain number of criteria.

Since its creation in 2002, the DV Foundation has brought drinking water to several hundred thousand people in sub-Saharan Africa, created numerous centers for the homeless in France and elsewhere, and distributed basic necessities.

For the animals, the Foundation helps dozens of shelters in France, finances programs to safeguard threatened areas, veterinary care, etc.

Finally, it is also active in the field of the preservation of wild natural spaces.

The Descroix-Vernier Foundation is solely financed by its founders, who have chosen to share their entire fortune.