3D Glimpse

3D Glimpse

A tumor-on-a-chip to fight glioblastoma


(New concepts and technology transfer)

Dr Agathe Figarol

Franche-Comté University, ISIFC, FEMTO-ST Institute

Glioblastoma multiforme is the most common and aggressive brain tumour, with a survival after diagnosis of approximately 12 months. Preclinical research to combat it is caught between overly simplistic models and animal studies with ethical issues and uncertainties related to inter-species differences.

This project will develop a model closer to humans : a tumor-on-microchip in the laboratory.

In a gel representing the tumor microenvironment, different types of human cells will organize themselves in 3D to form micro-vessels. These will be infused to mimic blood flow, and study the transport and effectiveness of new nano-drugs.

A prototype of this tumor on a chip is emerging, and a finalized version should be available within a year and a half. The goal is to better understand and treat brain cancer, by proposing an innovative alternative model to animal experimentation.

Crédit image : Agathe Figarol, équipe BioMicroDevices, Institut FEMTO ST, Université Franche Comté