Julia Fernandez

27 May 2024
Julia Fernandez

Her interest in science came to fruition when she obtained a degree in Biology with a specialization in Environment.

Eager to share her scientific knowledge with as many people as possible, Julia is currently continuing her studies in the Master’s degree Mediation and Communication of Science and Technology at the University of Bordeaux.

More concretely, she particularly learned during her first internship in the SIRIC BRIO oncology laboratory, which resulted in a fixed-term contract as communication manager. Since then, she has continued to be involved in committees and associations related to cancer research.

At the same time, Julia is particularly invested in the animal cause. As Pro Anima Scientific Committee is at the crossroads between research and animal ethics, joining this NGO was a valuable opportunity for Julia. Thus, this motivated student assists Pro Anima in the publication of the quarterly journal Sciences, Enjeux, Santé, produces popular science publications, and supports Thomas for awareness workshops.