Ami pas cobaye

Ami pas cobaye



The Pro Anima Committee, in partnership with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, organized a poster campaign on 120 platforms of the Paris metro.


Animal experimentation concerns almost all the products we use daily, medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics, cleaning products, paints, varnishes, etc.

These products must be better evaluated, no longer on animals, but thanks to the progress of technologies and knowledge.

It is possible to stop the cruel practices of animal testing. These can indeed be replaced by more innovative and effective alternative methods.

In parallel with the deployment of the Ami, pas cobaye… 120 platforms of the Paris metro, the campaign was relayed on social networks with a hashtag #amipascobaye and daily publications posted by the two partner structures.

A letter was also sent to the major French laboratories in order to open a dialogue on this subject by asking them to develop the pharmaceutical industry and to commit more to non-animal methods and the transition towards innovation without recourse to ‘animal.

In February 2022, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in partnership with Ifop published several surveys confirming that this subject affects and interests a growing number of citizens :

  • 78% of French people are in favor of closing dog and cat farms intended for laboratories.
  • 76% of French people are in favor of public authorities committing to encouraging the development of alternative methods to animal experimentation.

Key dates

  • On May 25, 2022, a letter on the initiative of Pro Anima is sent to the major French pharmaceutical groups
  • From May 26 to June 1, 2022, the Friend, not a guinea pig… campaign is deployed on the platforms of the Paris metro and social networks