France : Request for a Parliamentary mission

France : Request for a Parliamentary mission

 To evaluate the use of non-animal methods in research and regulation

4 November 2022

Led by Yoann Latouche, initiated by the Scientific Committee Pro Anima on the proposal of its spokeperson André Ménache, and supported by the major French NGOs working in favour of animal rights : the Brigitte Bardot Foundationthe 30 Millions Friends Foundation, L214, Welfarm, AVA, Antidote Europe, and the SNDA, this joint petition to the French Senate aims at evaluating the use of non-animal methods in French research and regulation.

France is among the three largest users of animals for scientific purposes in Europe (along with Germany and the United Kingdom). In 2019 and again in 2021, nearly 1.9 million animals were used in France in scientific experiments.

However, alternative methods to animal experimentation exist and are today more and more efficient and reliable !

This Parliamentary mission concerns the following three main areas :

  • Education
  • Regulations
  • Scientific research

Indeed, the French Senate’s e‑petition, like the mechanism of the European Citizens’ Initiative at the European level, allows petitions to be transmitted to the Conference of Presidents, which will potentially decide to act on them.

The condition : reaching 100,000 valid signatures within 6 months.

Launched in November 2022, we have until April 30, 2023.

We cannot reach the threshold of 100,000 without you !

You are a French citizen and you wish to make your voice heard : click on the link below to read and sign this petition for a first important step towards greater awareness and better knowledge in France of alternative methods to use of animals for scientific purposes.

We thank you for your mobilization !

Feel free to share this petition around you as much as possible !

Prior to signing

Once on the Senate website, you must connect via France Connect to be able to sign the petition. We invite you to consult the Senate’s Frequently Asked Questions if :

  • You don’t have a France Connect account and you want to create one
  • You cannot connect via France Connect
  • You want to know why you need to identify yourself with France Connect to sign the petition