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Pro Anima, whose name in Latin stands for "what is animated, life, breath, spirit", is an apolitical and independent scientific board, composed of active scientists from public research agencies and academic institutions, as well as members of the medical community.

Pro Anima is an organization that is dedicated to the improvement of human health safety. Our goal is to develop human biomedical research by applying the results of current advances and developments in the biological sciences.

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Last news

  • 104 515 and counting to say no to animal testing for the REACH program !


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  • new study published in NATURE shows a major problem in today's biomediacl reserach


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  • The One year anniversary of complete prohibition of animal testing for cosmetics in the EU !


     "One year ago from today the full ban of animal testing for cosmetics entered into force in the European Union".... Read the last press release by commissioner Neven Mimica :  (...)
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Action Fund for a research more ethics

Support EthicScience which finance and support the development of relevant programs of research in the service of human health
without animal testing.


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