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Pro Anima, is an apolitical and independent scientific board dedicated to develop human biomedical research by promoting alternatives to animal experimentation. It was founded after the death of Georgina, daughter of Miss Christiane Laupie-Koechlin, founder of Pro Anima. After such a tragic event she personnaly investigated and realized that all drugs were systematically tested on various animals to insure the safety of the consumers.

Still not reliable enough to prevent deadly side effects, she decided to gather scientist to fund Pro Anima with the simple statement that no living species can stand as a biological model for any other species

Indeed, objective, rational and logical considerations lead Pro Anima to reject the animal model as scientifically worthless : No living species can stand as a biological model for any other species, however close they may be in evolution.

Trust in the animal model has a disastrous impact on human morbidity and mortality. It has also a disastrous impact on the lives of 11,5 Millions animals in the European Union.

Pro Anima has been active for more than 25 years using all the possible tools to raise awarness about animal testing and existing alternatives : social networks, stands, poster campaigns petitions, medias, among other initiatives.


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Last news

  • 104 515 and counting to say no to animal testing for the REACH program !


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  • new study published in NATURE shows a major problem in today's biomediacl reserach


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  • The One year anniversary of complete prohibition of animal testing for cosmetics in the EU !


     "One year ago from today the full ban of animal testing for cosmetics entered into force in the European Union".... Read the last press release by commissioner Neven Mimica :  (...)
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Action Fund for a research more ethics

Support EthicScience which finance and support the development of relevant programs of research in the service of human health
without animal testing.


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