EthicScience Prize 2022

EthicScience Prize 2022

The EthicScience Prize

Set up in 2013 by the Pro Anima Scientific Committee, and sustained by the Action fund of EthicScience and generous benefactors, The EthicScience Prize sets out to reward every two years those scientific programs that involve no animal testing and that demonstrate advances through innovation and through their ethical position.

There are many such techniques (cellular biology, bio-engineering, in vitro research, meta-analysis, organs-on- chips, bio printing…). Their development is essential.

Thanks to the massive dearth of public finance in this field, the EthicScience Prize has become a pioneer and example in the support of such methods.

The Prize aims also to encourage researchers and scientific research institutions, by supporting those who engage in the emergence of new research techniques, that are not only more ethical but also more viable for human health.

Who is eligible ?

Individuals or teams, whether within a university department, a commercial business or any other research setting, situated in France or another EU country.

Criteria for submission :

  • The application should report on innovative procedures and/or the application of non-animal methods in medical research.
  • The application can be for work in progress or for completed projects.
  • The winner(s) will be invited to a EthicScience Prize awards ceremony to be held in Paris at the end of 2022 ; during the ceremony the winners may present their work.

How big is the Prize ?

The Prize will be for a minimum of 20,000 euros


Deadline for submissions : 17 may, 2022.

Assessment by the committee : June to September 2022.

Announcement of the Prize winner(s).

Awards Ceremony : November 2022.

The selection committee

The submissions will be evaluated by a committee chaired by Professor Jean-François Narbonne.

Committee members include both university and commercial researchers, specialists in toxicology, medical biology and ethology …

Submission requirements

  • A description of the project or programme :
    Include a summary, an outline of the research objectives, the methodology employed, a predicted timetable of events (for ongoing projects), or results of the project (for completed projects), and a project budget.
  • A short letter to explain the motivation for the project
  • A resumé of the applicant (that of the team leader in the case of a team submission), including publications
  • An outline of the organisation (public or private) within which the project takes place
  • A declaration that no animal research has been or will be undertaken, nor any animal tissue used in the course of the project.

Please submit your project plan right away to : contact(@)