Press relase

13 février 2015

Pro Anima is pleased to announce the donation of 14 700€ to the partner laboratories of the EthicScience funds.

This fund aims to support alternatives to animal experimentation and is managed by association Pro Anima.

This donation will assist them in continuing their research on lung cancer, more specifically the development of 3D in-vitro models using samples of ethically collected human tissues.

This new type of research does not include experiments on animals (dead or alive)

Lung cancer is the cause of 1 million death each year in the world.We are particularly pleased to support those significant scientific advances and to link 2 very important causes : the fight against a deadly desease and the replacement of animal experimentation.

In 2 years more than 30 000€ was donated to our partners.

We would like to thank all the supporters and members of Pro Anima for their precious help and support.

Research supported by EthisScience are currently published in the Journal of Biotechnology (ref : BIOTECH ‑6989)

A delegation of Pro Anima will officially visit the labs based in Switzerland for official aknwoledgement of the donation, next april.