Directive 2010/63/UE : Pro Anima asks to be heard by the authorities

20 juillet 2012

Directive 2010/63/UE : Pro Anima asks to be heard by the authorities
The Directive 2010/63/UE which aims to rule Animal experimentation in European Union is about to be transcribe into french local law in November the 10th of 2012.
It seems essential that our committee needs to be heard in order not to let the animal experimentation supporters protect their own interest.
Below are the key passages of our letter to the health officer.
Regarding the passage, mentionned in the 1986 Directive specifying that « animal experimentation should be replaced anytime an alternative is available »
We have serious doubts about the concrete practise of such a statement.
We know that some experimentations that do not use animals are available but are not used. That’s what happenned last june when the RICERCA laboratory has planned to conduct security tests on 32 macaques for the AMONAPS medecine. This tragic case shows that the rigidity of certain laws prevent the use of actual scientific progress instead of encouraging them.
We also notice that some changes in the 2010/63/UE Directive published in the 22/06/2012 edition of the EU official journal (L163/19) suggest some modifications that are not favourable to a better ethic in the field of medical research.
That is why we are asking the following request :
List of competent authorities and composition of all ethics committees with power to check the projects implementing procedures on animals “model”.
The creation of a special status for the alternatives methods in the process of being validated in order for them to be already used if they are considered as valid.
Further more :
the replacement of the term « alternative methods » by « scientific experimentation without animal testing » in order to give a central position to these promising medical research areas.
We draw your attention on the fact that animal testing for veterinary security test and medical research appears very questionable for many citizens.
Indeed sacrifing animals in order to cure other animal is hard to défend on an ethical point of view.
The associative world, a key player in our modern democracy, needs to take part in all the discussions regarding the Directive 86/609/CEE and its transcription into local laws.